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DOWFLAKE Xtra – our 83-87% strength Calcium Chloride Flake offers 10% more ice melting performance than conventional flake calcium chloride products.

LIQUIDOW™ – The low Freezing point (-55°C) of 30% calcium chloride concentration is the liquid deicer of choice for prewetting and enticing applications. The results are proven: improved traction, reduced sand/salt loss from bounces and scatter and better embedding of the de-icing mix in packed snow and ice.


Dust produced by traffic on unpaved roads is an unpleasant nuisance, affecting the quality of life for everyone. It’s also a threat to health, vehicles and other property and the natural environment. It’s difficult to put a price tag on the simple pleasure of working or playing outside, walking or bicycling or just basking in the sun. All of these experiences can be diminished by choking clouds of road dust.

Just as important is that calcium chloride is safe to people and natural areas. Both calcium and chloride are considered essential constituents in the bodies of all people and animals. There is no significant risk to the environment, our waterways and vegetation where calcium chloride is applied.

Construction  / Industrial

Whether it’s dust control on a job site or parking lot Morris has you covered. We can help with one-time applications or on regular intervals depending on your needs. Liquid and dry calcium chloride products effectively suppress dust allowing you to focus on the work that needs to get done.


Using calcium chloride for dust control base stabilization on unpaved roads make them more comfortable and safer to drive on, withstand heavy traffic loads and changes in weather conditions. Treated roads last longer and provide the highest return on taxpayer investment. Morris’ solutions for Dust Control, Base Stabilization, and Full-Depth Reclamation can ensure you get the best value for your valuable road grid.

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